Definition of Insulation

Definition of Insulation

Chrysti the Wordsmith on Insulation ... or Isolation?

The words insular, insulate, and insulation are first cousins. Let's take a look at what they mean.
Insular means "island like." Therefore, insular people and land forms are isolated; in the first instance by a point of view, in the second by geography.

To insulate means "to isolate." So, when we insulate our homes, we make an island of our dwelling, isolating ourselves from the elements.

Insulation, then, is literally a product that isolates the elements.

Chrysti M. Smith
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v. tr. in·su·lat·ed, in·su·lat·ing, in·su·lates. 1. To surround or separate with nonconducting material in order to prevent or lessen the leakage of electricity, heat, cold, sound, radiation, etc. 2. To place in a detached state or situation; isolate.